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Trading Hours

Our offices are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Head Office


Level 10, 307 Queen Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

PO Box 10832, Adelaide Street
Brisbane, QLD 4001

P (07) 3224 1200
Free Call 1800 663 693
F (07) 3229 9880


Regional Offices

Mount Isa

31-33 Commercial Road
PO Box 1948
Mount Isa, QLD 4825

P (07) 4743 1322
Free Call 1800 663 693
F (07) 4743 1140


Level 5B, 34 East Street
PO Box 46
Rockhampton, QLD 4701

P (07) 4921 1090
Free Call 1800 663 693
F (07) 4928 0255


Indigenous Providers

QSNTS is committed to supporting Indigenous employment and business opportunities through the procurement of goods and services supplied by Indigenous providers. From catering and venue hire, to photographers and entertainers, QSNTS welcomes expressions of interests from all Indigenous providers, which can be submitted by contacting QSNTS on (07) 3224 1200 or via e-mail at


Compliments and Complaints

Feedback is valuable to QSNTS and helps us to provide a better service. As part of our commitment to improving services to clients, we have established a system for addressing client feedback, which ensures we can handle feedback in a consistent and effective way. To view our compliments and complaints process, please click here. Alternatively, please complete the form below.

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