Future Acts

What is a Future Act?

A future act is a proposal to do something that might affect native title, such as a grant for mining or exploration rights, changing land tenure, or the passing of legislation relating to a particular area. The Native Title Act grants procedural rights regarding certain future acts to those with a registered native title claim or a positive native title determination.


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Our Future Acts Services

QSNTS offers services and products to support Traditional Owners seeking assistance with their future acts matters, from informative research around land tenure and mapping, to legal representation, agreement negotiation and dispute resolution. QSNTS can assist Traditional Owners to leverage native title to develop future acts agreements, and manage them with access to the Native Title TraKS database.

If you are a Traditional Owner, or Traditional Owner group, and you have a registered native title claim or a positive native title determination that grants you the right to negotiate, our Future Acts services are for you.





To receive legal advice on future acts and to understand the future act process

Legal Representation and Advice Services

Provide professional and experienced legal advice and representation in future acts

Advice about, and representation on matters before the National Native Title Tribunal

Preparation of documentation as evidence of consultation

and consent

Advice on the meaning and impact of Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)

Support for applications to register ILUAs

Legal advice on future acts notices and processes

Assistance responding to future acts notices

To negotiate outcome for your group

Legal Negotiation Services

Support in negotiations around future acts land development to gain benefits that align with your group’s vision and objectives

Legal advice, negotiation and agreement-making for future acts matters

Advice and support for land use planning

Advice and support to negotiate the development of land

Agreement negotiation for access to land

Advice and support on implementing agreements

To know where the future acts is proposed to go and its potential impact

Research and Geospatial Services

Area mapping to identify future acts areas and impacts

Geospatial mapping to identify the future acts location

Identification of current land tenure

To organise meetings with the right people, at a suitable venue, to accomplish the outcomes

you need

Meeting and Administration Services

Assistance with coordinating, managing and facilitating group meetings and other administrative activities

Support for planning and conducting statutory and other meetings

Support complying with legal requirements

Administrative support including the preparation of invoices

To resolve disagreements either within the group or with another party

Conflict Resolution

We provide support in the investigation, mediation and resolution of intra-family and inter-family disputes

Dispute resolution assistance, including mediation services and agreement-making assistance

To access all of your agreements

Native Title TraKS

Storage of all group information in one place that can be accessed by your group at any time

Access to the Native Title TraKS agreement management database