Native Title Claims

What Is Native Title?

When the Native Title Act was passed in 1993 following the landmark decision of Mabo v Queensland (No 2), the Australian Parliament recognised that through continued acknowledgement and observance of traditional laws and customs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have special rights and interests over the land and waters occupied by their ancestors at the time of European settlement. Australian laws call this recognition ‘native title’.


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Our Native Title Claims Services

QSNTS has a proven track record of successfully prosecuting native title claims on behalf of Traditional Owners in Queensland, achieving positive native title outcomes for more than 15 Traditional Owner groups within our region of responsibility. QSNTS adopts an evidence-based approach that ensures right people for right Country, offering expertise in research, legal representation and facilitation to Traditional Owners to guide them through a native title claim from its inception until a determination is made by the Federal Court of Australia.

If you are a Traditional Owner, or Traditional Owner group, and you believe you may have a claim of native title over Country within QSNTS’ region of responsibility, then our Native Title Claims services are for you.





To establish a long-term vision for managing country

Group Vision and Strategy Workshops

Assistance with defining native title goals and developing a plan to achieve them

Facilitated workshops to identify the long-term ambitions of Traditional Owners in relation to their native title claim

To tell the story of your group’s history to strengthen its claim for native title recognition

Research Services

Research and documentation of your group’s history and ancestral connections as  evidence of your native title claim

Regional research, group history (including linguistic history) and archival research

Genealogical and anthropological research, including ancestry, Country, culture and traditions

Preparation of connection material as evidence

Mapping geospatial and cultural data, such as apical ancestor locations and cultural sites

Identification of current land tenure

Native title data and information management

To receive legal advice about native title and to understand the claim process

Legal Representation Services

Professional legal advice and representation for all aspects of your native title claim

Registration and prosecution of native title claim and compensation applications

Representation as or on behalf of

Indigenous respondent/s to a claim

Preparation of legal documents

Advice and support for the rights and interests of Traditional Owners

Implementation support for Traditional Owners to manage native title rights and interests, including:

  • Establishment of a PBC
  • Drafting and lodgement of PBC rule book

To negotiate outcomes for your group

Legal Negotiation Services

Support in negotiating agreements that advance with your vision and goals

Negotiation around achieving native title determination and claim-related agreements

Advice and support for land use planning

Advice and support to negotiate the development of land

To communicate with key stakeholders about your native title claim

Communication Services

Access to communication tools for claim news and community engagement

Development and distribution of newsletters and other communication tools

To resolve disagreements either within the group or with another party

Conflict Resolution Services

Support in the investigation, mediation and resolution of disputes

Dispute resolution assistance, including mediation services and agreement-making assistance

To access all of your claim-related agreements in one place

Native Title TraKS

Storage of claim-related agreements in one place that can be accessed by authorised members of your group at any time

Access to the Native Title TraKS

agreement management database

Capture and input of claim-related agreement data