PBC Support

What is a PBC?

A Prescribed Body Corporate, or PBC, is the corporate entity established to represent a Traditional Owner group in business matters, such as future acts, ILUA negotiations and cultural heritage, before a native title claim has been determined. After a positive native title determination has been made, the PBC becomes recognised as a Registered Native Title Body Corporate, or RNTBC, which also manages native title rights and interests on behalf of the community. QSNTS can assist both PBCs and RNTBCs under the umbrella of our PBC Support services.

Our PBC Support Services

QSNTS understands the challenges of establishing a strong PBC to manage Country effectively on behalf of the wider Native Title Holder group. We provide services and products to strengthen governance, guide strategic planning and deliver corporate support (including financial services, human resource support and stakeholder  engagement) that sets Native Title Holders on the right path for leveraging native title rights, managing their own interests and realising their aspirations for the benefit of the Native Title Holder group.

If you are a Traditional Owner, or Traditional Owner group, and you need assistance with establishing or advancing your nominated PBC, our PBC Support services are for you.


To establish a long-term vision for managing Country

Group Vision and Strategy Workshops

Assistance with defining native title goals and developing a plan to achieve them

Facilitated workshops to clarify the long-term ambitions of Native Title Holders in relation to native title
To gain adviceon, and access to funding grants that may be available to your PBC

Grant Application and Administration Services

To gain advice on, and access to funding grants that may be available to your PBC

Assistance with grant funding capability building
Management of grant administration and reporting
Support to identify appropriate office space and supplies, including computers and telephones
To build overall PBC capability to achieve your native title goals and meet your legislative obligations

PBC Capability Building Services

Assistance with building the capability of your PBC now and into the future

Governance training
Strategic planning
Policy and procedure implementation and development
Assistance with community leadership initiatives such as Elders councils
Assistance with identifying economic development opportunities

Facilitated workshops for:

  • Business planning and development
  • Negotiation and agreement-making
  • Financial management
  • Grant writing
To compile your group’s history, traditions and customs and share your story with stakeholders

Research Services

Research support to document Native Title Holder history and ancestral connections for current and future generations

Tailoring of research products to meet Native Title Holder needs
Group profile and claim history development
Genealogical and archival research
Assistance with determining PBC membership eligibility through research
Mapping geospatial and cultural data, such as apical ancestor locations and cultural sites
Anthropological research, documentation and advice
Identification of current land tenure
Tailoring of research products to meet Native Title Holder needs

Legal Statutory Compliance Services

Support in all aspects of legislative and regulatory compliance

Advice on development, implementation and changes to a PBC rule book and related governance documentation
Agreement-making support, including compliance with consultation and consent requirements
Implementation of agreements
Advice on corporation processes for native title and administrative decisions
Assistance for legislative and regulatory compliance and director and general meetings
To receive legal advice on native title matters and achieve outcomes for your group

Legal Representation and Future Act Services

Negotiation Legal representation and advice for all your native title needs, including new claims, future acts, and more

See our Future Acts services for more information
To resolve disagreements either within the group or with another party

Conflict Resolution Services

Support in the investigation, mediation and resolution of disputes

Dispute resolution assistance, including mediation services and agreement-making assistance
To effectively manage your corporation’s administrative tasks and duties

Corporate Support Services

Access to a range of professional financial, human resources, communication, and meeting and administration services to meet your corporate needs

Assistance with financial management, such as:

  • Registration for tax purposes (for example as a charity, public benevolent institution, or for income tax exemption)
  • Budget and invoice preparation, as well as financial report preparation
  • Bookkeeping, including payroll, superannuation and taxation

Human resources support, including:

  • Employment framework consultation and establishment
  • Advice on recruitment, drafting for employment contracts and engagement letters, and performance reviews
  • Advice on staff disputes and resolution options
  • Information on industrial relations and workplace health and safety
  • Facilitation of skills audits and job matching profiles

Assistance with communications and stakeholder engagement, such as:

  • Corporate website design, development and management
  • Development and implementation of stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Internal and external correspondence, including newsletters and group profiles.

Meeting and administration support, such as:

  • Logistical assistance with event organisation (including annual general meetings, board meetings and meetings with other stakeholders)
  • Coordination of directors, corporation and native title meetings

To access all of your agreements in one place

Native Title TraKS

Storage of agreement information in one place that can be accessed by your group at any time

Access to the Native Title TraKS agreement management database
Capture and input of agreement data