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Since 2005, QSNTS has walked together with Traditional Owners, providing professional native title services to achieve outcomes that redress the past, strengthen the present, and empower the future for our clients. We aim to be the native title service provider of choice for Traditional Owners on the path to self-determination, offering a comprehensive range of services in Native Title Claims, Future Acts, Cultural Heritage and PBC Support.

To start the native title journey with your Traditional Owner group, we invite you to browse our product and service options, and contact us to discuss your objectives as Traditional Owners in the southern region of Queensland. Together, we can tailor a plan to walk together and help you achieve your native title aspirations.

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To ensure Traditional Owners can benefit extensively from our native title knowledge and expertise, we deliver our Native Title Claims, Future Acts and Cultural Heritage services as packages, and our PBC Support services either as a package or on an individual basis.

While QSNTS is funded to provide most services at no cost to Traditional Owners, some services may attract a fee. Where possible, some fees will be covered by proponents on a cost-recovery basis, while others may be covered by grant funding.