QSNTS is a Native Title Service Provider holding recognition under section 203FE of the Native Title Act 1993  (Cth) and has responsibility for a region covering almost two-thirds of Queensland. 

Queensland South Native Title Services Limited (to use the full title) was first given ministerial recognition on 7 July 2005 and has operated continuously from that date.  We are now one of Australia’s largest native title organisations with offices in Brisbane, Mt Isa and Rockhampton.

QSNTS receives operational funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee. Our organisation is governed by an independent Board of Directors which oversee the strategic direction of the company and its operations.

To achieve our company’s vision and objective, QSNTS focuses on:

  • the provision of native title services as prescribed by the Native Title Act;
  • enhancing the capacity of Traditional Owners to be autonomous in pursuing and exercising native title rights; and
  • advocating for reform and improvement of the native title system.

To view a brief of our service charter, click here.


Title Date
Part 11, Div 3 Native Title Act - Explanatory Document
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30 Jun 2020