QSNTS is delighted to partner with AIATSIS and the Kabi Kabi People to convene the AIATSIS Summit on 30 May to 3 June 2022 at the Sunshine Coast. The Summit combines the National Native Title and National Indigenous Research conferences into a five-day event that brings together academics, native title stakeholders, legal experts, community and cultural sectors and government to collaborate in addressing challenges for native title and research.

The AIATSIS Summit is expected to attract 1000 delegates from hundreds of First Nations across Australia as well as key decision makers from a range of sectors. 

This annual Summit holds additional significance in that it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the landmark Mabo case which established legal recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples hold rights to their lands and waters under their own laws and customs.

Adding to the importance of this AIATSIS Summit, the Kabi Kabi People of the Sunshine Coast who are hosting the Summit are waiting on the outcome of their native title claim and anticipation of their consent determination is building. As hosts of the event, the Kabi Kabi People are well-positioned to share and celebrate their culture and draw attention to the many existing initiatives and future aspirations they have for their people and Country.

Learn more about the AIATSIS summit on this page which will be updated as more details are confirmed: https://aiatsis.gov.au/whats-new/events/2022-aiatsis-summit