Former QSNTS lawyer, Ivan Ingram, appointed as Judicial Registrar Native Title.

Pictured: (L-R) Kristen Hodge, Felicity Theissen, Ivan Ingram and Kevin Smith. 

QSNTS would like to congratulate Wiradjuri and Filipino man, Ivan Ingram, who was sworn in by Chief Justice Allsop as the first Indigenous Registrar to the Federal Court of Australia.

QSNTS’ CEO, Kevin Smith said, "it is great to see the Federal Court taking this momentous, positive step to enhance the access of First Nations people to justice and I am delighted that a talented, committed, grass-roots Aboriginal man like Ivan was the successful candidate.

“I am also immensely proud as Ivan acquired his practical insights into the challenging yet rewarding area of native title as a QSNTS lawyer. While the position demands impartiality, practical and personal insights are important to the administration of justice and I have every confidence that Ivan will discharge his solemn duty in a manner that will yield fair and just outcomes.”

As a former QSNTS lawyer, Ivan is a befitting appointment who will be able to draw upon his own cultural connections and diverse experience as a native title lawyer and expert in Indigenous governance to the critical current and emerging work of the Federal Court in the native title area. QSNTS would like to wish Ivan all the best as he embarks upon this new journey.