Native Title Claims

What Is Native Title?

When the Native Title Act was passed in 1993 following the landmark decision of Mabo v Queensland (No 2), the Australian Parliament recognised that through continued acknowledgement and observance of traditional laws and customs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have special rights and interests over the land and waters occupied by their ancestors at the time of European settlement. Australian laws call this recognition ‘native title’.


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Our Native Title Claims Services

QSNTS has a proven track record of successfully prosecuting native title claims on behalf of Traditional Owners in Queensland, achieving positive native title outcomes for more than 15 Traditional Owner groups within our region of responsibility. QSNTS adopts an evidence-based approach that ensures right people for right Country, offering expertise in research, legal representation and facilitation to Traditional Owners to guide them through a native title claim from its inception until a determination is made by the Federal Court of Australia.

If you are a Traditional Owner, or Traditional Owner group, and you believe you may have a claim of native title over Country within QSNTS’ region of responsibility, then our Native Title Claims services are for you.