Native Title

Native title is about recognising and protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s country and culture, according to the Australian law, Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have rights and interests to country that come from their traditional laws and customs.

Resolving a native title claim is a complex and time-consuming process that involves the recognition of two systems of law:

  • the traditional law and custom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People; and
  • the Australian common law and statute law.

In order to have native title recognised, the claim group is required to give evidence to show that people have a connection to their land and sea country under the systems of traditional law and custom. ‘Connection’ evidence can include genealogical research, cultural mapping and analysis of laws, customs and language.

With regard to the above, QSNTS employs an evidence-based approach to the investigation, preparation and prosecution of native title claims.

QSNTS offers expertise in research, legal representation and facilitation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups in relation to their native title claims. Further to this, QSNTS also undertakes work as a respondent in some native title matters, and provides assistance to clients as respondents, as well as to PBCs. For latest news on QSNTS activites, events and developments, click here.