PBC Support

What is a PBC?

A Prescribed Body Corporate, or PBC, is the corporate entity established to represent a Traditional Owner group in business matters, such as future acts, ILUA negotiations and cultural heritage, before a native title claim has been determined. After a positive native title determination has been made, the PBC becomes recognised as a Registered Native Title Body Corporate, or RNTBC, which also manages native title rights and interests on behalf of the community. QSNTS can assist both PBCs and RNTBCs under the umbrella of our PBC Support services.

Our PBC Support Services

QSNTS understands the challenges of establishing a strong PBC to manage Country effectively on behalf of the wider Native Title Holder group. We provide services and products to strengthen governance, guide strategic planning and deliver corporate support (including financial services, human resource support and stakeholder  engagement) that sets Native Title Holders on the right path for leveraging native title rights, managing their own interests and realising their aspirations for the benefit of the Native Title Holder group.

If you are a Traditional Owner, or Traditional Owner group, and you need assistance with establishing or advancing your nominated PBC, our PBC Support services are for you.