The PPP is a development framework which supports nation-building through a rights-based, strengths-focussed approach to re-building governance.   The framework acknowledges First Nations’ strongest assets – people and country, and on how these strengths can be leveraged to produce sustainable cultural, social, economic and political outcomes.

The image below provides full details of the PPP and the services and products provided by QSNTS within that framework.

To support the rollout of the PPP QSNTS has established a Client Development Unit (CDU) which is comprised of experienced staff in the field of Indigenous community development. 

The CDU has been workshopping the PPP framework with a range of client groups who are eager to start leveraging their hard won native title rights and interests, as well as with claimants who are working towards achieving determinations. Internally, the CDU is working with QSNTS’ interdisciplinary Client Management Teams to develop their capacity to support clients on their journey towards Self-Determination.

This strengths and rights-centric approach furthers QSNTS’s vision of Right People, Right Country and Right Path.