Social Media Comments Policy

Queensland South Native Title Services (QSNTS) uses social networking platforms to share information about QSNTS services, community information and the work by QSNTS staff. The social media platforms QSNTS uses are LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which are guided by the following values:

  • commitment to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and community;
  • respect for Traditional Owners and other members of the community;
  • enhancing capability of Traditional Owners to attain self-determination through the exercise of native title rights and interest; and
  • advocating for reform and improvement of the native title system.

If you follow QSNTS you can expect to receive updates about the following:  

  • educational information about who and what QSNTS is and does, the native title process, and the services QSNTS can offer;
  • alerts about public notices or upcoming events; or
  • links to interesting or important online content from the community or other organisations relating to native title, Aboriginal culture and heritage, or advocacy efforts.

Republishing content, such as a ‘retweet’ on Twitter, does not imply an endorsement. Furthermore, if QSNTS follows you on social media it does not imply an endorsement of any kind.

We encourage positive interactions with our social media accounts and ask users to express their opinions respectfully and to treat others with respect. To maintain a respectful online community, QSNTS will not tolerate the following:

  • abusive, racist, sexist, offensive, hate speech, or threatening language;
  • attacks, insults, or threats made to other users, individuals or about the organisation;
  • false claims about individuals or the organisation; or
  • using our social media platforms to make complaints about the organisation, individuals or the native title process.

On the occasion any comment(s) violate the guidelines outlined above, the comment will be removed and if necessary, the user will be blocked and reported.

Due to legal, commercial and privacy requirements, QSNTS cannot engage on issues relating to individual native title matters or proposals. If you do wish to make an enquiry or complaint please contact us here.