Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Right People, Right Country, Right Path.

Our Purpose

Walking with Traditional Owners.

Since time immemorial, Traditional Owners have walked, protected and cared for their Country with pride, dutifully conveying law, custom and language to each successive generation.

In recent decades, native title has added a layer  of complexity to the fulfilment of ancient duties by Traditional Owners, leading to a range of new challenges and modern opportunities.

QSNTS will walk together with Traditional Owners in trusting partnerships, providing the support they need to make strong and informed decisions through every step of the native title journey.

Our Priorities

We acknowledge Traditional Owners as holding rights under their own laws and customs, as well as rights recognised under domestic and international law. We recognise the authority of Traditional Owners in respect of decisions affecting their Country and people, and we will work diligently to deliver services that align with our vision of Right People, Right Country, Right Path.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • Securing outcomes through recognition of right people for right Country
  • Supporting Traditional Owners to manage Country
  • Becoming a service provider of choice for Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs)
  • Advocating reform to enhance native title for Traditional Owners.

Download the QSNTS 2018-22 Strategic Plan